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2005 ING North American Chinese Soccer League Tournament, Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Dinho One (Blue, Yellow), Atlanta Dinho Two (Blue, Red), Chicago Macro (Blue, Orange, White), Dallas Dragon (Red), Detroit-Chicago Storm (Blue, Red), Michigan United (Yellow, White), New York Wild Wolves, Texas 2008 Olympians (Orange), Silicon Valley Tigers (Green, Blue), Tsinghua Veterans (Red, Blue), and University of Maryland (Yellow, White).

( ): Team uniform color(s).


Group 1 Silicon Valley Tigers Atlanta Dinho Two New York Wild Wolves Tsinghua Veterans

Group 2 Atlanta Dinho One Michigan United Texas 2008 Olympians University of Maryland

Group 3 Detroit-Chicago Storm Chicago Macro Dallas Dragon


1) 70 min/game for Group A and Group B. 90 min/game for Group C. All group games will be completed on the 1st day. 3 top teams in Group A, 3 top teams in Group B, and 2 top teams in Group C will advance to the quarter finals. The bottom team of each group will play for the spirit cup.

2) All 2nd-day games are 90 min. For elimination games, if tied at 90 min, PK will follow immediately. Spirit Cup games will be round-robin w/o PK.

3) Quarter-Finals: A1-B3 (Winner=E), B1-A3 (Winner=F), C1-weaker (A2,B2) (Winner=G), C2-stronger (A2,B2) (winner=H).

4) Semi-final: E-G (Winner=I), F-H (Winner=J)

5) Final: I-J


Field 1 Field 5 Field 4
9:00 am Tigers - Dinho II NYWW - Tsinghua Storm - Macro
10:30 am 2008 Olympians - Maryland Dinho I - Michigan
12:00 pm NYWW - Dinho II Tigers - Tsinghua
12:30 pm Macro - Dragon
1:30 pm 2008 Olympians - Michigan Dinho I - Maryland
3:00 pm Tigers - NYWW Tsinghua - Dinho II
4:00 pm Storm - Dragon
4:30 pm Maryland - Michigan Dinho I - 2008 Olympians


Field 1 Field 2 Field 4 Field 5
9:00 am C1-Weaker(A2,B2) Winner=G C2-Stronger(A2,B2) Winner=H A1 - B3 Winner=E B1 - A3 Winner=F
11:00 pm A4 - C3
12:30 pm E - G Winner=I F - H Winner=J
1:15 pm B4 - C3
3:30 pm A4 - B4
4:00 pm I - J
6:00 pm Award Ceremony


On site ruling committee:

Fengli Cao (Atlanta Dinho One), Jie Kang (Silicon Valley Tigers), Peng Peng (Michigan United), Bing Wang (New York Wild Wolf), and Yuan Xie (Tsinghua Veterans).

In general, FIFA Laws of the Game will be followed unless otherwise specified here.

For FIFA Laws of the Game, please refer to these two documents: http://www.fifa.com/documents/fifa/laws/LOTG2005_e.pdf and http://www.fifa.com/documents/static/regulations/Q&A2005_E.pdf

Player qualification:

All teams must submit their complete team roster at the NACSL main website (www.nacsl.com) before the submission deadline. Each player on the roster must be registered at NACSL and has a valid ID number. A player must be on the roster to play. No one can play for more than one team. A player must be of Chinese descent to play. The general rule is that a player should look like Chinese and speak Chinese.

If a team is found to have unqualified player(s), once confirmed by the on-site ruling committee, all games the team has played with unqualified player(s) will be recorded as a forfeit loss, though the team may continue to play in the tournament based on adjusted status without the unqualified player(s).

Game time:

Each 90-min game consists of two 45-min halves, with 10-min break in between. Each 70-min game consists of two 35-min halves, with 10-min break in between. The single elimination games on the second day will proceed directly to penalty kick shootout, if tied at regulation.

The game clock will start running at the scheduled starting time. Any game that is delayed to start will finish at the scheduled finish time. There is no stoppage time for any game.

A team must have at least 7 players on the field to start a match. Each team is given 10 minute grace period from the scheduled starting time. Failure to start the match within the grace period will result in a forfeit loss for the offending team. Forfeit win=2:0 with 3 points on the standing. Forfeit loss=0:2 with 1 point deduction from the standing. If both teams forfeit it will be 0:0 and 1 point deduction for both teams.

Player equipment:

All players must wear shin guards of appropriate sizes to play. Shin guards must be covered by stockings, without any hard surfaces exposed. No screw-in cleats are allowed.

Team uniform: Players of the each team must wear same color, similar styled uniforms to play. The keeper, however, must wear a jersey of distinct color. Teams listed first on the schedule are home teams. Home teams must change uniforms in case of color conflict.

Team standing:

Win 3 points, tie 1 point, loss 0 point, and forfeit -1 point. Higher points = higher ranking. The tie-breakers are: 1. Head to head match 2. Goal differentials 3. Total goals scored 4. Random drawing

Red card:

A player issued a red card will result in the immediate ejection from the ongoing game, an additional one game suspension and $50 fine deducted from the team's deposit. Anyone starting a fight will be immediately expelled from the tournament. The on-site ruling committee reserves the right to impose additional penalties to the offending player or the team.

Dangerous play:

Player's safety is the number one concern of the tournament. Reckless and dangerous plays during the tournament are not tolerated and will be penalized according to the laws of the game. Sliding tackles are allowed in this tournament. However, it is advised that players use sliding tackles with maximum caution. All sliding tackles that carry an element of danger to the receiving player must be penalized.


There is unlimited substation for each team. Players may be substituted at any time when the ball is out of play. Players ready to come in must wait at the half line and notify the assistant referee in advance.


Only referees with strong references are assigned to this tournament. The final of the tournament will be refereed by former FIFA referee, Arlington Success. All decisions made by the referees on the field are final.


There is one trophy for each of the tournament champion, the spirit cup winner, and the top goal scorer of the tournament (if tied, a player will be selected by the host). There are also medals for the champion and second place team players.


$500 registration fee is required for each team.


The weather is expected to be fine during the Labor Day weekend, with highs in the mid-80s. Be sure to prepare enough sun-block and water for your team.


2 nearest hotels:
Comfort Inn & Suites: (770) 263-8883 5200 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071 0.2 mi SW

Red Roof Inn: (770) 446-2882
5395 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Norcross, GA 30092 0.3 mi SW 30 rooms are blocked for 9/2 and 9/3, 20 for 9/4. Must mention "North American Chinese Soccer Tournament" and make reservations before 8/15/05 to get $40+Tax per room. Regular price is $60+Tax.


ING Group (www.ing.com) is the official sponsor of the tournament.


This tournament is jointly hosted by the Atlanta Huaqiang Chinese Soccer Club, and Association of Chinese Professionals.

Tournament host organization committee: Fengli Cao, Jimmy Hu, Tao Song, and Tao Tang.


On-site primary tournament coordinator: Jimmy Hu: 404-786-4661; Jimmy.Hu@McKesson.com

All tournament issues not during the games: Fengli Cao: 770-595-0615; fcao@cdc.gov

Back up contact person: Tao Song: 404-372-9479; TSONG@GAPAC.com