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Friendly Games between UTK and HQ
Sunday, September 08, 2002

Decatur, GA. - University of Tennessee at Knoxville Chinese soccer team (UTK) and Huaqiang Soccer Club played two friendly games on Saturday, September 7th. HQ Club Select Team (HQC) won the first game 6:0, UTK beat HQ League Select Team (HQL) in the second game by 3:1.

In the first game between UTK and HQC, Leung Kam quickly opened the scoring for HQC in the 3rd minute. UTK was unable to organize effective offense and had to chase the balls in their own half. In the 11th minute, Leung scored again after some scrambling in the box. UTK settled down after this. They organized some attacks and created several clear scoring chances but their "scoring shoes" let them down. In the meantime, HQC continued their patient offense and Song Tao score twice in the 27th and 39th minute. First half ended at 4:0 HQC.

In the second half, HQC seemed to be content with the score and did not press as hard. Song Tao finished his hat-trick with a goal in the 18th minute, while UTK was still trying to find their scoring touch. In the closing minutes, Wang Yan was able to beat an off-side trap and scored on a break-away in the 44th minute. Final Socre: HQC 6, UTK 0.

In the second game between UTK and HQL, UTK showed their youth and stamina by out-running and out-hustling the fresh-legged HQL team. Their effort finally paid off with a goal in the 38th minute after some nifty passing in front of the HQL box. 1:0 UTK at the end of the half.

UTK players seemed to be running even faster in the second half, HQL defenders were constantly under pressure and made two vital mistakes that UTK was able to capitalize on in the 15th and 32nd minute. Finally HQL scored a consolation goal in the 45th minute. Final score: UTK 3, HQL 1.

Both games were played very cleanly, there were very few verbal exchanges and no violent physical play. All teams showed good sportsmanship throughout the games. With the great weather and field condition, it is a happy ending for everybody!


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