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2002 Fall - Rules
Tuesday, September 10, 2002

2002 Fall League Rules - Finalized

(FIFA rules are implied unless specified here)
  • Players:
    • Only drafted players can play in these league games.
    • Players should only play for the team he is drafted in or traded to. However, a player is allowed to play for other team IF the opposing team agrees.
    • Players can be traded among teams with these conditions:
      1. Both captains must approve the trade;
      2. A player can be traded only once;
      3. A team can trade at most three players in total;
      4. No trades are allowed on game day;
      5. No trades are allowed after the third game week.
    • Violations will result in forfeit in the games when these violations occur.
    • Shinguards are REQUIRED for all players on the field.
    • Players with two yellow cards or a red card in a game will be ejected from the game and banned from the next game.
    • Yellow cards will be carried to the next game, player who accumulates two yellow cards will be banned from the next game.
    • Players with two red cards are banned from the rest of the league games.
  • Games:
    • Each game consists of two 45-minute halves, with 10-minute break in between.
    • Offsides are allowed.
    • Sliding tackles are not allowed.
    • Backpasses to goalies are allowed. Note: 6-second rule is enforced as in FIFA rules.
    • There is no limit on player substitution. Substitutions may only occur when the ball is out of play and with referee's permission.
    • At any time during the game, unless whistle is blown, the game should continue to be played.
    • The games will start on time if both sides have 7 players or more; The start time can be delayed at most 15 minutes if one side has less than 7. After 15 minutes, the game can be
      1. started with players present,
      2. considered forfeit by the side with less than 7, or
      3. considered forfeit by both sides if both are unwilling to play.
  • Standings:
    • Standings are decided in the following order:
      1. Total points;
      2. Head-to-head points;
      3. Head-to-head net goals;
      4. Total net goals
      5. Total Goals
      6. In case of three way tie: take off the fourth team and repeat the above.
    • Win: +3 points, tie: +1, loss: 0, forfeit: -1 point with a 0:2 score, +3 points for the other team. In the case of both team forfeiting, both will get 0:2 score and -1 league point.
  • Referees:
    • Referees are selected from non-participating members. Currently there are two candidates: Sun Shifang and Wu Yue.
    • Players must respect the referees. Insulting referees will result in a Yellow card for players on/off-the-field.
    • Referee's decisions on the field are always final - this is NOT The Winter Olympics!
  • Fighting/Cursing (on and off the field):
    • A player who starts a fight with other players or referee will be banned from the league. Players who retaliate will be issued Yellow or Red cards.
    • A player who curses another player or referee will result in a warning or yellow card.
    • Taunting is not allowed. Taunting will be treated the same way as cursing.
  • Issue Resolution:
    • Ultimately, any issue that can not be resolved will be settled by these league organizers: Cao Fengli, Sun Shifang, Wang Guojun, Wang Yan and Wei Ran.
  • Reminder - our league motto is:

    Play Hard and Take it Easy!

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