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Huaqiang Fall League is Almost Here!
Saturday, August 03, 2002

2002 Huaqiang Spring League Champion - Team Sun

Atlanta Huaqiang Soccer Club's 2002 Fall League will kick off in September. Huaqiang members have been looking forward to this league since mid-May, when Spring League successfully concluded with Team Sun winning the championship in the inaugural season.

The Fall League is accepting registrations in person or with emails. Registered players are required to join our practices (schedule can be found on this site) for several times so their skills can be assessed for the draft, which will be held in late August or early September. The contact email for the league is: atlsoccer-ownerATyahoogroups.com.

Besides current members, other Chinese adult soccer players who live in the metro area are welcome to register for the league on a first-come-first-join basis. The league will have four teams with around 15 players each. At this point, the registration fee for non-members is $5. Other details are still being worked out. So stay tuned.

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